Retrospective of Platanos 2015 – Part I

RAYYAN HARIES needs our help. A young guy from Malaysia off his own back turned up in Lesvos and is doing an amazing job providing food for refugees at Skala as soon as they get off the boats. He sent out this message below and after speaking to him I want us all to help please. Its such an important place and we need to help very quickly. I have recently met him in Greece he is truly an amazing human being and such a great character.

From Rayyan – Winter is coming.

Like many other big NGOs, everyone is winter-proofing their camp and workstation. Fortunately for them, they have money and I don’t.

We don’t have that much money nor resources to make our kitchen winter proof, we don’t have high-end kitchen, but we have a strong resilient heart and passion to keep feeding people. We do have a container coming, food stock that allows us to feed up to 5000 people a day and that’s it.

It will be a tough winter for us #TheVolunteerCook. But we will still serve people, regardless. Keep us in your prayers and thoughts. Send us positive vibes, we will get through this. We will…



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